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“Thanks for a great 40-day challenge”
Hey everyone, just wanted to say a big “thank you” to all who participated.  In 40 days, we read through 40 devotions, 50 Bible readings, and were challenged 40 times to do what God is asking of us.  I hope you learned a lot from this.  If there were any challenges that you didn’t complete, read on
“Let us eat and celebrate.”
Luke 15:23 Now this is one of the quotes that I can sure get behind!  Why?  Because I love to eat and I love to celebrate!  That’s what we’ll be doing today at our church, theCross.  At 9:30 and 11AM we will have a worship gathering celebrating the 40-day challenge and all that God has read on
“Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy”
Exodus 20:8 How many of us could use a day off?  Okay, if you actually had a day off, how many of us would actually take it? The Sabbath: that was just for those people in the Old Testament, right?  After all, Jesus did some things on the Sabbath, so doesn’t that make it irrelevant for read on

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